Punishments hurt!!

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Time for an update, watch this space ………..

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I will be shortly updating my blog again. New adventures of Mistress Lorraine and video shoots of my sessions.

My Bio

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Now retired but very much enjoying the lifestyle.

l007Dominant Mistress, both Lifestyle & Professional, with many years experience. BDSM is a core part of my life & not something I could live without. My manner is dominant & at times I can be sadistic but never cold. My general style of Domination is to seduce you into submission. I am highly imaginative & very artistic.

I enjoy scenes where I connect with my submissives on a deep level, specific activities are less important to me than this connection. This dynamic is best experienced in order to fully appreciate it.

I am demanding & will challenge you. I am respectful of my submissives limits & insist the same from you. I am open to listening to your role-play ideas, however I am not interested in scripts or instructions for sessions.

I operate with my own beliefs, which focus on my physical skills to enhance your fantasies. I enjoy all forms of dominance from mild humiliation through to lovely welts. I enjoy playing with men, regardless of sexual orientation.

I love humiliation play but I like to play with my toys not break them, so I do this purely as role play. I am uninterested in yelling or insulting your shortcomings, nor will I entertain those who believe they are “worthless” & wish to be treated as such. I like to chat to my submissives whilst we play, get to know you & most of all keep play fun.
Do not dare offer Me money for sexual Service if you do, you will be DISMISSED & TOLD NEVER TO RETURN!

I enjoy role-play scenarios I am a very versatile & talented role-play artisan. I am basically tapping into different aspects of Myself and absolutely love the variety. You will find My role-play very realistic & when you visit Me for a session you will see just how much I am enjoying Myself!

The day I stop getting a buzz from My sessions is the day I retire.


Best foot forward

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Female led relationships, you’ll learn to follow my every move, instruction and your desires only to please and serve me.

Gallery collection

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With my slave for a photo shoot, a fun evening was had by all.











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